Meeting the insatiable appetite for fiber – How STL is boosting their presence to support America’s network builder and operators

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America's Internet Users

With 307 million+ Internet users and over 90% penetration rate, the most powerful economy of the world has significantly increased its digital population. The United States of America, the country that leads technology innovation globally has millions who cannot imagine their lives without digital connectivity. Despite this, the Fibre Broadband Association (FBA) states that the fiber penetration rate in the US is as low as 43%. In the recent past, Covid has visibly demonstrated the significance of high-speed broadband connections to carry out everyday activities such as virtual classes, online office meetings and entertainment streaming. All this is virtually impossible without fiber. To add, the FBA also projects the countrywide demand for fiber would reach a record high in the coming five years. Yes, the early stages for the 5–7-year super cycle of fiber demand has already begun in the United States! The government has also jumped in to provide an unmatched federal funding for building the structure of rural America with fiber-based broadband.

The above information indicates that the network creators in the US have enough of ‘fiber’ on their plate. However, the picture is not what it looks like. Ever since Covid-19, the supply chain of fiber has faced the heat everywhere, from raw material, freight, to logistics and finished goods. At present, the native suppliers do not possess the capacity of supporting such an extensive super cycle of fiber demand. Driving optical-fiber networks for 25 years, STL is uniquely positioned to support American network creators in their countrywide broadband plans. STL can also build innovative solutions for network creators and accelerate fiber-dense network rollouts in the country by leveraging its global supply chain capabilities. Demonstrating the same, STL partnered with the leading network builders in FY 21-22 to supply approximately 6 million fiber kilometers connecting more than 35 US states.

STL saw a record growth of 4,000% in the US market within two years of establishment. Its team there also grew in proportion from a handful employees to several professionals with years of experience in various fields. STL’s global supply chain strategy is taking cable facilities close to customers. Therefore, a new 168,000 square feet fiber cable facility was established in South Carolina. Fiber for the cable will be manufactured in STL’s India units.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. In the uncertain times that lie ahead, network builders and operators in the US can help themselves by procuring maximum material possible to build networks. STL, on its part, has committed to help in building American Broadband. Riding high on a legacy of connecting 1,000,000 homes across the country, STL will surely deliver on its promise. Having earmarked $125 billion for FTTH deployments in North America for the coming five years, STL is actively investing and is here to stay!

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