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Advertisements taking a leap, revolutionizing the model of Wi-Fi monetization At a time when there is a phenomenal increase in the usage of smart devices, customers are looking forward to data rich experience. In such a scenario CSPs are facing a challenge of delivering real-time personalized content driven experience to their customers. At the same time they are looking for innovative ways to monetize beyond Wi-Fi offload and Public Wi-Fi access. This is where Wi-Fi network driven Advertisement is creating a unique monetization opportunity for the CSPs and enabling them to generate new age revenue streams. Global Scenario Global telecom operators such as India’s Airtel, Singtel in Singapore, PLDT in the Philippines or Turkcell in Turkey are already implementing such Wi-Fi driven advertisements concept in order to drive better monetization mechanism for their network infrastructure. As Wi-Fi is getting wider coverage in the form of more hotspots and mass availability of public Wi-Fi networks, nearly 70% users would watch ads in exchange for free Wi-Fi. Carriers can design a Wi-Fi Network to serve highly relevant advertisements based on user’s demographics and digital footprint. This is made possible due to Wi-Fi network potential to drive personalized Advertisements where the data generated at the hotspots by the subscribers is collected by the operators’ big data platform; this is aggregated and analyzed to deliver meaningful insights about user behaviour thus helping operators to
  • Engage customers
  • Enhance experience
  • Elevate monetization opportunities
Information about subscriber’s real time location is captured, profile based on the type of services accessed, device, operating system (Android, iOS etc), applications usage is collected and further analyzed to provide complete 360 degree user information. This granular approach will enable operators to provide relevant contextual advertisements to end users when in Wi-Fi network, thus benefiting the potential advertisers with a platform to offer targeted advertisements. End users receive a real time personalized content unlike spamming advertisements and enable operators with a CPC, no. of impressions, fixed rental etc. models and generate new revenue opportunity through partnerships with advertisers and retailers. With the user specific analytics information, CSPs are in a better position to drive predictive marketing and can drive location specific advertisements, deals, and promotions towards their customers. CSPs can also deliver location based real-time notification and even help their customers identify nearby hotspot to latch on and thus considerably enhance the end-user experience. Such AD Network Platforms when combined with the power of Big Data platforms – offers operators a unique solution to optimize business. All this translates towards better monetization opportunities for the entire ecosystem. Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP advantage Elitecore SMP is an intelligent platform that is fast enabling operators towards innovative monetization opportunities. It is capable of catering to the requirements of the Operator and Retailer Wi-Fi ecosystem – on a single platform. Unlike the conventional Ad platforms its comprehensive AD campaign management tool has no external dependence. Its a single point Creation to publishing of multi format (animated, banner, expanded ads, rich media, flash, video, etc.), multi device supported Ads. Location proximity and retailer specific targeted offers, promotions, deals, partner revenue settlement and partnership tie ups with AD agencies/Advertisers and also offer location specific analytics and revenue management. Click here for more information.

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