Intelligent Data Monetization Services a Must for Meeting ‘Concept-to-Cash’ Requirements

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The demand for innovation and higher revenue generation has yet to slow down. Today’s mobile network operators (MNOs) have found themselves amidst an ongoing digital revolution full of new and improved services like 4G, or Long Term Evolution (LTE), service. Therefore, operators with plans for LTE monetization must start executing their plans sooner rather than later to ensure that they deliver best-in-class mobile services worldwide to help maximize revenue opportunities. But in order for operators to see any financial gain or ROI from their 4G/LTE investment, they must have a scalable, cutting edge “concept-to-cash” solution that can:
  • Analyze subscribers’ usage, transactions and preferences
  • Create advanced services or plans that are tailored to subscribers’ needs
  • Launch tailored marketing campaigns
  • Seamlessly fulfill services ordered by subscribers
  • Rate charges and/or bills for services
  • Accept payment from any source
  • Handle all financial aspects of each and every transaction
This “concept to cash” implementation will become a fundamental pillar of service and network strategy; therefore, operators must start planning for it now. To help meet the above unique requirements, operators must leverage intelligent data monetization services. Such services are offered by vendors who are able to tap into this unique market, boasting the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions based on subscribers’ context and usage information. Such a service provider empowers MNOs to conceptualize or, if needed, revaluate their overall Operations Support System (OSS) or Business Support System (BSS) strategy. As part of its integrated “concept to cash” solution, Elitecore offers a carrier-grade, industry standard (TMF, 3GPP Rel. 11) LTE revenue and customer management BSS platform. The platform features online charging, convergent billing, customer management and provisioning as well as engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) offerings, including PCRF, DSC and3GPP-AAA. All of these capabilities address the critical aspects of “concept to cash” requirements. Click here to learn more about Elitecore’s next-generation BSS platform.

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