Installation of OPGW cables for GETCO’s 220 kV Transmission Line

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Operationalised an extremely versatile set-up, considering all the design options mapped to geo-technical conditions applicable globally.

Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) undertook the challenge of supplying and installing of Optical Ground Wires (OPGW) on GETCO’s old 220kV transmission line.

Critical attributes and challenges

The most critical attribute of this project was that the OPGW was to be strung on 30 Year old towers which were built in accordance to the old BIS standard. This placed emphasis on the OPGW to be of a very light and at the same time this was to be installed in one of India’s hottest regions, which meant theconductivity of the OPGW should be highenough to evacuate the fault even when theconductor was at a temperature of 50°C andstill not to exceed 200°C even in the worst case scenario.

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