In Telecom change is constant. Customers are not!

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      The rapidly evolving telecom market and the evolving business models have customer expectations charged up from getting the services delivered from near real time to pure real time. With the industry taking shape and focus shifting to Digital transformation, analytics, M2M / IoT, Cloud / NFV as well as Multi-channel customer engagement platforms being launched, customer prefer to have instantaneous access to innovative services on-the-go. Service Organizations will need a granular understanding of customer behaviour & requirements, smart investments in digital channels, the ability to harness customer data and, finally, the ability to creatively mesh physical and digital experiences. The complexities of service provider organizations such as fragmented systems, multi-vendor environments, multiple service and network layers, and regulatory obligations, present numerous challenges to customer experience improvement. These challenges can be broadly grouped under the categories of defining, measuring and improving customer experience. Combining data from the network core, radio access network and handset connectivity, together with customer value and touch point interactions, can enable service providers to improve many aspects of customer experience management. Analytics has become a key tool for CSPs to unlock the real time intelligence from their networks, which enables them to take more informed and quicker decisions. It equips them with customer’s data usage behavior to better understand consumers and create a local and personal service offering. It is all about sending the right offer at the right time to the relevant end user resulting in increase in offer uptake. Service providers can offer Real time big data analytics integrated with BI tool to offer CSPs with in-depth subscriber usage patterns, preferences and interests in real time to enhance customer engagement and experience. Networks can be operated, routed more efficiently to derive maximum value from existing towers. It can be planned more cost effectively by better matching capacity supply with demand. Detailed analysis of subscriber’s call data records will ensure real time identification of fraudulent behavior, improve customer experience with innovative services and allow customer care executives the flexibility to modify user plans, profitably. Constant Innovation, to have first mover advantage in the offering and launching the innovative product/solution the market and fulfilling the product /services as per customer demand can be the  biggest impediment for improving customer experience which worked upon can create a continuum of experience. For more information Click here

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