How to choose right MVNE Platform?

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   With technological advancements in smart mobile devices and mobile broadband speed, there is an ever growing demand for 3G and LTE enabled services; which has provided a stage for new operators to enter into the market with their own plans to accommodate the needs of large subscriber base. But entering into the cellular world is challenging for small operators due to high Capex. These circumstances have opened the gates for new business models such as MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and MVNEs (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler). As per recent industry research, MVNO market will reach to 270 Mn subscriptions by the end of 2018 and will be serving over 3% of the world’s subscriptions. Looking at this opportunity, MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) are constantly looking for MVNE Platform to support their business needs of on-boarding multiple MVNO’s quickly. A few examples of such partnerships are:
  • China issued 11 MVNO licenses to private companies looking to resell services from China’s three state-owned operators
  • Virgin Mobile acquired a MVNO license from Saudi Arabian regulators
  • UK operators BT and EE announced an MVNO agreement
  • CAT Telecom Thailand appoints Suvitech as single MVNE Partner to rollout multiple MVNO’s in Thai Market.
Behind every successful MVNO stands an equally good MVNE, who provides network infrastructure and services, such as network sub systems, business support systems, back-office operations, IT platforms and operations support systems to MNO, leaving them to focus on their core functionalities of launching new innovative plans in the market and taking care of customer service, acquisition and retention. An ideal MVNE platform should offer below benefits to MVNO’s:
  • Multi-tenant Platform should help in on boarding an array of feature rich MVNO’s
  • Available in pay as you grow based Opex Model, thereby eliminating the need of large up-front investment
  • Ease in service creation with reduced development and deployment time
  • Seamless Connectivity to MNO’s
  • Operational flexibility to manage an array of present and future services
  • Rapid innovation & brand differentiation, resulting in effective & faster acquisition of new customers
  • Better responsiveness to adapt quickly to competition manoeuvre & market needs
  • Simple deployment of ready-to-use components which can be easily integrated with network elements
  • Quicker Revenue realization for MVNO, as MVNE offers pre-tested systems and services, thereby eliminating trial-and-error and helping them quickly launch in the market more efficiently and at lower cost
  • Superior customer experience through managed services that offers more efficient operations for MVNO’s.
Looking at the above functional benefits that MVNE Platform offers to MVNO’s, it is imperative for the operator to choose the right Platform for launching a strong MVNO in the Market. How Elitecore fits in Elitecore provides an end‐to‐end, real‐time and convergent platform for rapid service delivery & customer care to meet pertinent growth aspects of MVNOs and MVNEs ‐ revenue generation, service differentiation & cost optimization. For more information visit:

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