How safe is Wi-Fi connectivity for Air travellers

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  Business Air travellers as well as travellers in general consider the availability of a wireless internet access as an absolute necessity at airports. They like to stay connected to their office, colleagues, clients, social circle or families during the waiting times for their flights. According to a recent survey, a high percentage of passengers responded that Wi-Fi availability at airports is one of the most sought amenities nowadays. The demand for free Wi-Fi connectivity at airports is continuously growing worldwide and certainly many airport authorities are adding free Wi-Fi access service as a basic amenity for their travellers. This facilitates passengers to have internet connectivity on their mobile devices, laptops, or other devices on-the-move at waiting areas, terminals, or cafeteria/lounges. Wi-Fi availability enables business travellers to conveniently and efficiently carry on with their work. On the other hand, Wi-Fi platform gives the host an opportunity to publish relevant content to the travellers, it could be in the form of shopping deals or newsworthy content like flight schedules, procedures or health warnings etc. What Do Airports Need? Simply installing network access points and taking high speed bandwidth pipe from an ISP and deploying it across the airport areas is not enough to provide seamless wireless internet access to travellers. Integrating a comprehensive solution that delivers reliable connectivity and enables to setup a secured network is a must along with constant bandwidth management to meet user demands. Airports need an all-in-one solution helping them with bandwidth management, access control, etc. Moreover, handling a large volume of passengers accessing internet at the same time is also a big challenge which brings the necessity of a capable and secured solution. For Airports having a secure access becomes more critical in the given international environment. Securing the entire airport internet access network in real-time is completely dependent on the authentication process carried out.  The solution should follow an effective authentication process that helps in maintaining a secured network and ensuring no malicious activities are carried out in their network. An internet access management solution allows only authenticated traffic to access the network and helps in comprehensive bandwidth management. The solution also maintains log of websites and URLs accessed by users. Host authorities can also monetize the internet access with paid Wi-Fi services with upgraded plans and features.  Travellers with specific needs for premium plans can opt for such plans and bandwidth usage. How does Internet Access Management solution work? 24online offers ideal solution supporting network infrastructure and meeting security challenges at airports. The solution is incorporated with advanced Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting [AAA] feature which provides authentication based on captive portal capabilities, authorization based on IP and Mac addresses of users, OTP via SMS and accounting based on time or quota. It also offers an advanced feature by which complete log of websites and applications surfed by passengers can be maintained. These features will ensure overall network security along with maintaining fine network performance and productivity. All access points deployed are centrally managed and monitored from a single central location to deliver high-speed and faultless connection. In near future, users will also be able to enjoy the same level of bandwidth quality in airlines also. Most of the airlines have started offering Wi-Fi access in-flight which is however quite costlier, but it is expected to be soon available in affordable prices. Just like choosing your meal before booking your flight, you will also be able to choose whether you will need internet access or not!

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