How Intelligent Policy Analytics Can Power Profitability for Operators

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In today’s anywhere and everywhere connectivity environment, data is moving to center stage as operators face challenge of high data usage, they are also facing network capacity constraints, new age competition, and increasing revenue pressures. All this calls for better utilization of existing resources and innovative ways to create more revenue streams. And in order to create data driven winning propositions for their subscribers, operators need to succeed in this hyper-competitive communications marketplace. Key subscriber knowledge holds the key as they need to first know their subscribers, understand how they use their services, and then be able to deploy innovative business models in order to deliver exactly what their subscribers need and are ready to pay for. This is where Intelligent Policy Analytics can play a critical role in terms of creating opportunities for the operators, while at the same time deliver exactly what their subscribers look for. This strategy to incorporate Intelligent Policy Analytics can solve two key purpose of maximizing revenue generation on one hand, while on the other hand it can also have more number of satisfied customers for the benefit of operator. Such an intelligent solution can not only maximize the revenue opportunity for operators, but also provide them capabilities to deliver personalized service plans around specific consumer behavior such as video sharing, online gaming or live content streaming, and provide a big chance for operators to move beyond blind band-width delivery models. Keeping this need of the hour, Elitecore has a unique offering in the form of NetVertex Policy Analytics, which provides an intelligent platform for operators to monitor and analyze user data services. It enable operators to launch differential policies & plans based on analytics input which can result into variety of new business prospects and revenue generation. NetVertex Policy Analytics provides an excellent tool which can collect the information from live server and evaluate the correlation impact from usage patterns, revenue patterns, traffic patterns, network performance, subscriber preferences etc. through dashboard based reports. Policy Analytics intelligence enables simultaneous functioning of Data Collection Engine, Data warehouse, BI/CEA to get the desired outcome from analytics reports. Enabling operators to derive network insights, examine and evaluate the data inputs based on various parameters like time, traffic, usage etc. A multi network compatible solution, Policy Analytics on integration with NetVertex PCRF, enable operators to analyse and understand the effect of a particular policy, modify their existing policies as well as design and launch novel policies / plans. NetVertex Policy Analytics can be offered pre integrated with NetVertex PCRF as well as can be easily integrated with any external system or 3rd party PCRF. With NetVertex Policy Analytics, operators can:
  • Explore the effect of existing policies in the network
  • Promote new and customized plans as per subscriber demands
  • Dashboard based report monitoring
  • Analytics input enable operators to restructure their business framework and offer personalized plans to users
  • Integration of PCRF with analytics can be used to implement subscriber centric and target based promotions
  • Bandwidth management and improves the network access performance
  • Plan Performance Analysis

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