Hoteliers beating challenges to provide free Wi-Fi service

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Internet is now as essential as television or air conditioner in a hotel room for guests. It is observed that Wi-Fi service has impact on hotel bookings worldwide plays a major role. Today, guest not only desire Wi-Fi availability in a hotel where they are staying, but they need faster connectivity without any interruption. It is believed that guests won’t come back if they have a bad wi-fi experience. Providing high-speed and free Wi-Fi to hotel guests can do wonders for hotel revenue in a long term. It is impossible to put together infinite bandwidth and make internet available everywhere. That is why it is necessary for hotels to have a strategy that can ably manage bandwidth and technically support their network. It is also important for hotels to regularly enhance their network for supporting latest technologies and trends. Challenges for Hotels Offering Free Wi-Fi The ever increasing use of Wi-Fi enabled devices push the need of enhancing the Wi-Fi network. Enhancements are necessary for supporting multitude of devices, as well as deliver faultless connectivity to guests. Moreover, security of data is becoming a major concern amongst guests. Though hotels tend to offer internet facility via a fairly secure environment, many of the hotels act as ISPs and not Hotspots. Hotels acting as ISPs to provide Wi-Fi bring concerns regarding network security. Also, the Wi-Fi networks in hotels are not ideal for heavy applications. Video streaming and high data storage blocks web traffic on hotel and public networks. The corporate guest’s desire high-speed internet connectivity to carry on with their office work while their stay in a hotel. It has become common now for hotels to provide high-speed and flexible wi-fi connection during business conferences, meetings, or other events. Latest Solutions Available in the Market Hotels need to deploy a solution convenient for their infrastructure to provide secured internet access. The solution should be able to manage number of devices and provide flawless connectivity, deliver finest performance during corporate based events, and ensure hassle-free secured connection throughout a hotel property. 24online is a global provider of Hospitality Internet Access Management solution providing swift wireless internet access to users. 24online’s Wi-Fi solution makes easy and convenient for people to achieve wireless access on their mobile devices or laptops at airports, hotels or shopping malls. With 24online solution, hotels can quickly manage different events for their conference rooms and provide wireless connectivity. The solution facilitates creation of different internet packages for different events with customized policies. It is an all-in-one solution providing flawless bandwidth management, access control, AAA [Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting], and reporting features. Author’s Bio 24online is a product of Elitecore and global provider of SMS & HIA series for internet billing and bandwidth management solution. 24online HIA is with industry standard features like authenticated user traffic, bandwidth control, pre-paid coupons, zero configuration networking, login once, room-to-port mapping, guest management and reporting tool. It has a large client base of 3500+ installations that extends to 60+ countries. 24online Global Support Management Centre (GMSC) team is readily available to provide instant support for any type of technical support on 24online solutions.

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