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Global Supply Chain

Juhi: As we have seen global supply chains, international trade and production have been severely impacted forecasting models haven’t kept up as it depends on historical data for future predictions deliveries have been impacted at the same time lot of governments are taking out protection regimes. In this context how do we make our global supply chains less complex, more nimble, and more agile? What is the future of global supply chains?

Dr. Anand: When you think of that question you got to start thinking of multiple dimensions. One dimension is if the current situation was in anybody’s prediction model or forecasting model itself? The second area is essentially is more geopolitical then the third thing is, essentially what leads to people sort of buying or holding on to stuff and that is more to do with psychology and behaviors. I would take into cognizance the last two-three weeks scenario especially areas like toilet paper in Walmart etc. to kind of start thinking that the supply chain is broken. The good aspect is that things are still working in a macro sense in terms of food, grain, etc. You had two week period where the personal protection equipment etc was not there but then it sort of moved on. If I start thinking of it in a mid to long-term perspective, things which are large volumes which are high scale, and which will be produced by people volume will start prevailing there, people will produce in masses. It will have extremely agile workflows and process flow so that any shift in design can be applied very much similar to what currently EMS companies do and at the same time, a very disruptive aspect on the supply chain or manufacturing model which will be a distributed model will start happening through things like 3D printing. So a lot of stuff which is more specialized like critical aircraft parts etc which people kind of keep with themselves anticipating some kind of problem statement all those will start getting printed locally with 3D printing. The predictability of the supply chain is only getting better by the day. Five years ago nobody would imagine that you would order from a high hi-tech mobile phone predictability exactly come from say some handicraft coming in from villages something coming from small towns, but you’re able to collate consolidate and predict in a very effective manner as to when they will come. Overall I feel that the supply chains are only getting better logistics is only getting better.

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