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Sterlite Tech a pioneer in the field of optic fibre technology, Sterlite Tech presents the work safe cable. A testament to our spirit of innovation, it is an ultra-lightweight aerial cable designed with unique safety features, the fibre account for which can be customized according to the user’s requirement.

How is it made?

Work Safe Cable

The micromodule units consist of groups of fibres protected by an easily stripable and flexible thermoplastic material. To fortify the fibre. These microstructures are then surrounded with water spelling elements to protect against moisture ingress and are constrained in a poly filing sheath, which is provided with embedded strength members to protect them against buckling. As we innovate, we ensure safety is never compromised.

Consequences Of Cable Breakage

The consequences of aerial cable breakage can be fatal. Poll infrastructure collapse caused by vehicle strikes can result in injury to personnel and can cause large scale damage to equipment, Not to forget the costs involved in case of such disasters by way of compensation to be paid to personnel and for investing in new equipment.

Advantages of WorkSafe Cable

Our product designers have developed one of a kind predictive braking capability in the product with embedded strength members engineered as such, that it breaks above a particular force, thus ensuring human safety. The micro modular design of the fibre enables ultra-compact fibre packing, hence reducing the overall cable diameter. This enables easier handling and faster installation. These micro modules are kink resistant and easily removed without the need of tools resulting in faster network rollouts. The cable can transfer data at lightning-fast speeds in any weather condition due to its unique design, with a focus on strength and integrity. It is recommended for overhead network infrastructure and is compatible with aerial installations of up 55-70 m in length.

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