Faster Time to Market, Quick Monetization & Personalization – the need for a successful MVNO Rollout

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     In a fiercely competitive telecom landscape mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are budding up pretty quickly, essentially reselling voice and data services of a larger operator. Several reasons why MNO’s allow such MVNOs to leverage their network are: 1. Target and attack a specific target/niche segment 2. Generate economies of scale for better network utilization 3. Increase Revenue 4. Service Differentiation 5. Govt. policies that hinders flexibility & growth 6. Acquire new customers 7. Increase market Share in mature markets etc. According to GSMA Intelligence – As of the end of 2014, the world’s MNOs hosted 992 MVNOs and 260 MNO sub-brands. The report also states that, Asia Pacific is second to Europe in terms of global MVNO footprint. APAC is also the region with highest level of migration within country (from rural to urban). Moreover, within the APAC region, Southeast Asia market is saturated like Europe with more than 100 % penetration rate. Hence there is a tremendous potential for MVNOs and the trend will continue to flourish in the foreseeable future. The 3 key aspects for a successful MVNO roll-out are: Launch, Monetize and Personalize. Launch: Launching multiple MVNOs quickly in the market is one of the basic requirements of any MNO. A single pre-integrated convergent platform helps the MNO to manage all functions and services, resulting in a lean operation and maintenance that equips every MVNO with quick decision making capability. Moreover, the MVNE platform should have data segregation capability to ensure data security and confidentiality of all the on boarded MVNOs. Monetize: The right MVNE platform helps MVNO in customer segmentation to deliver relevant services to the relevant audience. It also helps them to monetize their data offerings, by launching off-the-shelf use cases such as Service bundles, Triple Play, Shared Data Plans, IoT/M2M, OTT etc. Moreover the platform will also enable MVNOs in launch, retention and reward programs for their loyal customers. Personalize: A successful MVNO is the one who is able to offer a personalized experience to their different market segments. They should be able to adapt to the needs of local people and ensure that their services are localized to ensure market penetration for that segment. Subscriber analytics will equip MVNO to launch personalized, location based offers to subscribers. The platform should help subscribers get reminders and notifications in real-time and access to new services, using the self-care portals. Moreover, the platform should also provide the flexibility to MVNOs to create their own plans rather than just adapting inherent plans from MVNEs. The Elitecore Proposition Elitecore’s MVNE/O platform supports multi-tenancy, which helps MNOs to run multiple MVNO operations, including multiple brands and service providers, independent of each other on one single convergent BSS platform, maintaining full data integrity between multiple parties. It is a Convergent Real time platform for rapid service delivery & customer care to meet pertinent growth aspects of MVNE/O such as Revenue Generation, Service Differentiation & Cost Optimization. Few of our USPs is pre-integrated and modular architecture benefitting with lower TCO, Service agnostic pre-integrated product catalog, Integrated OCS/PCRF, Provisioning, CRM with 360o subscriber View, self-care portals and apps etc. Meet us at the forthcoming MVNOs Industry Summit Asia – Bangkok, Thailand at Booth No. 14, to understand more about our offerings or visit

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