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Jitendra Balakrishnan, CTO, Connectivity Solutions at STL: From the rollout plans, you’re talking about fiber something that you are investing and trying to push it out, you actually increasing capacities or network topology is changing? Any of the plans that you’re seeing in terms of how you need to deploy your network is it gonna be further pushing out towards the edge? Is it more on the access and I’m just trying to I’m just curious to know how that’s affecting XL’s plans.

Gede Darmayusa who is the CTO, XL Axiata: Yes, we are expanding the data center to the edge as part of our long-term strategy. And at the same time, we also the cord of the fiber together to increase the capacity and also for residential protection. We understand that still being a data center of course life will be easy is we have so many sites in the region or in the rural that can be converted to small data centers. But connecting that to fiber is not simple as building the sites. We try to balance this out whether to balance this out. In the past, we have only like three sites as some main big data centres.

Now, last year we expanded it to 5 to 7 data centers. Today we have around 11 data centers which is in a smaller size. At the same time, we need to slow down this a bit because suddenly, in the middle, We realized that we don’t have enough infrastructure there. The infrastructure to support that they’re to bring the traffic back to the Internets of fiber Optic is still the challenge. We tried as much as possible fill our own which are really punched our Capex lock and at the same time, we assess partnership with a party. We were in a core or if not, we cannot get the core reverse case. We get the capacity so that’s basically is our priority now we built our own if we have capex. Second, is we lease the core, the duct fiber. Then the third one is the capacity. So which one? This basically gave us more benefits we assessed. But number one is we need to have our own core. So we have flexibility when we want to expand in the future.

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