Enterprise Efficiency and Wi-Fi Trends

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      It is increasingly becoming a good business sense to provide wireless internet connectivity in offices to aid as well as enhance business processes. It started with Wi-Fi connectivity being provided to customers and visitors only. But now, working practices have changed in enterprises. Nowadays, tools used for different business processes require Wi-Fi connection and so Wi-Fi plays a prominent role within enterprises. While providing Wi-Fi, the common challenges that an enterprise faces is its fair distribution and management. And of course providing a secure and seamless connection remains the first priority. A perfect solution for an enterprise is needed that can efficiently deliver flawless Wi-Fi connectivity without disturbing different business processes, and that can capably manage number of mobile devices, employees, and enterprise network all together. To allow employees, customers, and office visitors to share information, communicate and make things work to better productivity. Moreover, BYOD and mobility trends adoption is continuously rising at workplace. It has become more of a necessity rather than an expectation for employees and customers. How to Faultlessly Provide Wi-Fi Access at Enterprises? A perfect solution should be such that reduces overall network architecture complexities and challenges. The solution should have features –
  • It should flawlessly provide connectivity and support latest industry trends.
  • It should seamlessly integrate with the existing internet connection with smallest footprint and process escalation.
  • It should support increasing use of mobile devices and laptops in the enterprise.
  • It should have features that can discover and monitor vulnerable threats in the network.
  • Only authenticated users should be allowed to access the network to guard loss of valuable data or data leakage attacks.
24online internet access solution is designed to work seamlessly with the infrastructure found in medium and large enterprises. It features a comprehensive network management division that aims to eliminate unauthorized user access in the network. It also involves continuous real-time monitoring and controlling access to specific network resources or applications to completely eliminate network breach attack attempts. 24online solution facilitates to assign different data packages and access rights to employees based on their roles and responsibilities. This helps to restrict employees to access unauthorized company data and resources. Moreover, it also facilitates to allocate bandwidth according to time period of usage, or data usage of the user. It allows enterprises to create leased line user type which benefits employees to have continuous access to the internet without the authentication restriction every time. Author’s Bio 24online is a product of Elitecore and global provider of SMS & HIA series for internet billing and bandwidth management solution. 24online HIA is with industry standard features like authenticated user traffic, bandwidth control, pre-paid coupons, zero configuration networking, login once, room-to-port mapping, guest management and reporting tool. It has a large client base of 2500+ installations that extends to 45+ countries. 24online Global Support Management Centre (GMSC) team is readily available to provide instant support for any type of technical support on 24online solutions.

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