Elitecore adopts an integrated platform for Subscriber Management, Policy Control and Charging for Network Monetization – Infonetics Research

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Elitecore Technologies, the leading provider of telecom software (OSS / BSS) solutions, today announced that a latest White Paper from Infonetics Research focusing on the ‘Changing Role of Policy Management’ has identified its platform approach to Policy Management as of strategic interest to today’s network operators. The White Paper throws light on how Policy Management has moved beyond its traditional confinement of being a tool for bandwidth control / management to emerge a more tactical part in IT & network operations facing real-time subscribers’ activity and agile marketing activities that drive service differentiation and innovative offerings in the era of smart devices. “As policy expands beyond its traditional bandwidth management function, operators are increasingly looking for solutions that integrate policy control with adjacent functionality such as billing, charging and subscriber data management. Elitecore’s platform-based approach is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and help operator use policy management capabilities to deliver differentiated services and innovative pricing models” says Shira Levine, Directing Analyst, Next Gen OSS and Policy. “Elitecore’s integrated BSS and Subscriber management platform offers operators a Reference Architecture & profitable Synergy between Subscriber Management Platform & BSS (Network & IT Convergence), thus unlocking precious network information / subscriber usage pattern that enables operators in offering subscriber-aware service plans. This will greatly benefit marketing teams with various operators in creating compelling service plans and drive revenue from the same” said Vaibhav Mehta, Vice – President – New Business Development, Elitecore Technologies. As the shift towards 4G (LTE/WiMAX) deployments mature, it enables operators reduce subscriber churn and increase ARPU, through 1) Faster roll out innovative & differentiated services as a result of centralized database & Centralized Product management enabling one-time & simultaneous configuration of plans rules & policies for Billing, PCRF and Charging, thus enabling service providers to create, launch & provision all offerings with reduced efforts and time to market. Moreover, it extends much needed support for new business models and capabilities to enable desired personalization for smart device subscribers for extracting utmost value from devices like PDAs & iPads 2) Enables in desired accuracy and capability in applying the knowledge of real-time network information pertaining subscriber content usage, device, location etc into profitable business action 3) Advice of Charge With pre-integrated Service Selection Portal (SSP), PCRF & Charging systems, subscribers get to know applicable pricing & product benefits in real-time while opting for suitable schemes & promotions from the SSP; there is no separate integration effort needed for Advice of Charge feature 4) Cohesive business intelligence reports for Billing, AAA, Charging unlocks precious network and subscriber behavior information and produces a bigger picture for aligning service strategy 5) Horizontally & vertically scalable with Geo redundant deployment Elitecore has over 11 years of expertise in Next Generation OSS BSS Solution & Services with rich features at competitive prices. Elitecore was recognized for Best Practice by Frost and Sullivan for its solutions and efforts to fulfill client’s requirement even under challenging conditions. Elitecore has Tier 1 -Tier 3 operator case studies for NGN, 3G, EvDo, WiMAX 16e & 16d deployments, IMS/ Packet Core Deployment, VoIP roll outs, Converged Data networks roll outs, Convergent Prepaid Postpaid roll out, Turnkey deployments.

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