Digitalizing the Analogue assets or really going the Digital way?

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Since the advent of Internet era, Telecommunication has been by far one of the most exciting and challenging sectors that survives and thrives on continuous innovation. Today, CSPs are facing tough times in keeping pace with the speed of transformation to Digital Service Providers (DSPs), which essentially means offering a digital experience in real time interaction. An interesting similarity is that of shopping at Malls as against the Online Stores. Cost vs Revenue is hitting both, Malls and CSPs in this Digital race. Operators have no other option left but to innovate and differentiate to create a win-win situation for both – themselves and their customers. But innovations are slow paced because of the traditional monolithic solutions which are riding on logic of “System of Records”. The cost of replacing the old systems asks for BIG transformation projects and would disturb the investment vs revenue equation. But this needs to be done… Let’s take an example of a DSP like Netflix or Uber, which is able to on-board a customer in less than 5 mins, whereas CSPs can take days depending upon how complex their current process and how rigid their System of Records (legacy systems) are. Hence, a CSP loses revenue for those days of onboarding duration. Similarly, DSPs can keep on personalizing their offering as an ongoing cycle based on analytics and achieve improved customer experience and monetization, whereas the CSPs have multiple touch points and analytical systems but are yet to achieve true level of personalization and agility.
The need of the hour for CSPs is to digitalize interaction interface, which in turn responds in almost real time to their customers ‘touch’. This is where a digital platform helps CSPs to embrace the digital world by putting everything CSPs offer – online, over multiple devices, and change the way operators do business to satisfy their customer needs. Here is where CSPs need to introduce the System of Engagement. We at Sterlite Tech offers Digital commerce and customer management platform, which is tailored specifically for communication service providers (CSPs) with complete selling, marketing, and revenue management, billing and self-care capabilities. With customer at the heart of the offering, it offers a complete new way to interact and engage with CSPs -Customers and Partners both with B2B2C capabilities, enabling them to monetize their services via every touch point, channel and device. Our Omni Commerce module enables new touch points and channels without lengthy and costly IT cycles and as an overlay on existing systems A true Digital System of Engagement with which a CSP can benefit with Digital On-boarding, Personalized service, Assistive Digital Care, Customized Up selling; Digital Payments, Digital reporting. If you are experiencing Digital transformation blues then you may contact us on If you are still not thinking about it, then definitely contact us 🙂 Author: Chrisaman Sood Asst Vice President – Presales Sterlite Tech – Software

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