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Did you know that power grids can power internet too?

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Powering Indian homes is just the beginning of the story…

How do you perceive a power grid? Just an infrastructure with key transmission nodes, substations, power transformers and circuit breakers that help bring electricity from the power plant to your home? Not really… there is much more to the power grid now!  

The first leg of powering up India was achieved through providing electricity to each and every household. By 2018, the Government of India’s Saubhagya scheme has brought electricity to 25 million households. Now the second leg of powering homes is underway through the democratization of mobile broadband. The government is committed to empowering Indians with internet services and taking high-speed broadband to millions of homes through fibre technology. Under the BharatNet project, all Gram panchayats will be provided high speed broadband connection in the years to come.

Beyond power connections – an infrastructure that does it all

In India, the buck stops at infrastructure – be it power grids or metro trains, highways or internet. We can never seem to have enough infrastructure. Now it’s about time that we bring in some innovations in synergies to build infrastructure at breakneck speed.

In a very first, the national powergrid also becomes a carrier grade network. It transforms into a network that does all in tandem – from supplying power to enabling internet infrastructure.

The national grid has now diversified its services into telecommunications to utilize available resources in establishing and operating National Grid. The company has established broadband telecom network connecting POPs on an extensively spread transmission infrastructure and is the only utility in the country having a pan-India optic fibre spread.

With 99.99% reliability on its telecom network, the national power transmission company has been one of the major implementing bodiesfor telecom projects viz. Bharat Net and National Knowledge Network (NKN).

The national power grid, in collaboration with STL, is providing MPLS data network to telcos and enterprises so that the end consumer gets internet access at a much faster speed. The MPLS data network provides connectivity that meets the industry standards for consistent, secure and reliable data delivery. Even the small distant towns will have accessibility and affordability of high speed internet through the backbone provided through the company’s extensive network.

A win-win for all

This model will be used to provide connectivity to the enterprise segment customers on their MPLS Cloud along with providing IP transit services to global content providers.

This is a win-win situation for all. These services will reduce costs and enhance the QoS of hosted content. At the end, this will translate into better internet services for users that too in a cost-effective manner. Enterprises can be networked to provide seamless connectivity for managed data and voice services exclusively for the organizations that will also save considerable revenue on the telecom tower. And this also paves the way for newer monetization models for the power entity. Going forward, the company can tap opportunities in data centre space.

But for now, we can surely say that this innovation has brought the concept of ‘Power to All’ to reality.

One thought on “Did you know that power grids can power internet too?

  1. Indigrid says:

    We believe the infrastructure necessary to transmit and deliver electricity is vital to India‘s continued economic advancement given the inter-regional power deficit resulting from a mismatch between power generation and load centers and the demand-supply deficit which is expected to result from India‘s projected GDP growth. Private investment in transmission is a key focus area for India‘s Ministry of Power. We are well-positioned to take advantage of the growth potential of India‘s power transmission industry given our financial position, support from our Sponsor, and the robust regulatory framework for power transmission in India.

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