Customer Experience at the center of transformation for CSP to DSP

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Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have laid the networks for a connected world. They have matured up from providing basic Voice and SMS services to offering high speed data, which has opened up access to new ways and means – OTT and other value added services. This has led to decline in traditional source of revenues, meanwhile, new technology requires new investments, threats from OTT vendors will increase, and lack of supportive regulatory guideline and fierce competition among Telcos is adding to the woes. Over and above this, CSPs have a tough task at hand to deliver a superior customer experience to survive and eventually thrive. Today, customer experience is redefined – real time interaction, Omni-channel experience, et al. The offers are more personalized, contextual and well-timed on which the customers can act upon at their convenience through the channels they prefer. Since Customer Experience does not have a universal definition it varies from one individual to another and has become even more challenging for CSPs to please them and measure their satisfaction level. It is rightly said that “It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one”. The blog is exploring areas where CSPs can work around to offer seamless user experience to its subscriber. But before we move further let’s understand how Analysys Mason defines a Digital Service Provider (DSP). The DSP should have the following characteristics:
  • Customer interactions with the DSP occurs online through the channels that they prefer
  • Customers have real-time information and control over their services and account
  • Service provider offers services that are customized for customer micro-segments or personalized to an individual
Once above steps are implemented it will result into So it is clearly evident that CSPs in order take a successful transformational journey have to address below pain points for a seamless user experience
  • Online Presence: CSPs should offer seamless customer on-boarding and also make their products/services available online with all the required information
  • Omni Channel: Support and ensure consistent user experience across multiple channels (Call centre, Web Portal, SMS, Mobile App, POS, Chat Bots) with a single view of customer data
  • Customer Self Care Apps: Web and Mobile self-care app offers customer complete control and information of their usage on what they consume, how they consume and when the consume it
  • Real-time Notification: real time information/alert on services/data consumed by the subscriber to avoid bill shock
  • Seamless access to customer service representative: There are lots of queries which cannot be addressed through pre-recorded IVR, so CSPs should ensure that genuine customers are not lost during the multi-level IVR process, which ultimately adds up to customer getting dissatisfied with the operator
  • Wrong Billing: ensure customers are accurately billed only for those services that they have subscribed to
  • Query Response: real-time response to queries and timely resolution within TAT. CSPs should also address queries raised through social media platforms
  • Contextual offers: send personalized offers at the right time on which the subscribers can act on.
This can be achieved by investing in a robust Digital BSS Solution, which enable personalization, optimization, and monetization for faster transformation. This is where Sterlite Tech is strongly positioned to enable CSPs to meet their digital transformation and innovation objectives due to its end-to-end design, build and manage capabilities for all IP networks. With its complete portfolio of product, services and digital OSS /BSS application, it offers IT platforms that enable – reduced Capex, offers Agility in new roll outs, compatibility with hybrid ecosystem, and offers ease of integration with existing and future platforms. To know more Click Here

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