Christmas. Customers. Connectivity: Transform In-store Experience with Wi-Fi this season

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Shopping during festive holidays means an endless series of purchase decisions. When Christmas is around, the primary motive of the consumers is to get the best possible offers and for the retailers it is to offer the best deals. Shoppers today realize the significance of information and are increasingly relying on the smart devices for it. Retailers are considering Wi-Fi as their first step of engagement with customers and their employees. Generally also, users demand Wi-Fi connectivity wherever they go. As free Wi-Fi help users compare prices, promotions, specs, reviews and then take an informed decision to buy. Many of them also want to share their in-store experience with family and friends while shopping. Wi-Fi in particular enhances the consumer’s ability to stay connected anytime and anywhere. Personalized offers, store locations, customized emails, social media, location-based services, and in-store Wi-Fi are a few of the ways with which retailers are now connecting with consumers, partaking information with them and catalysing the purchase decision. With Wi-Fi, the minute a shopper walks into the store, the point of sale expands from the rack to the customer’s smart devices. As a result, the retailer has the opportunity to promptly engage the customer. As per a research firm 57% of enterprise retailers offer both customers and employees Wi-Fi and 34% of retailers have plan to update their store level Wi-Fi technologies in 2015 (Source: Loyalty 360). Yet many retailers are still missing out on this opportunity to increase customer engagement and conversion into sales; because they are yet to install or enhance in store Wi-Fi. To leverage from this lost opportunity, service providers can hop in to offer the malls, stores with a Wi-Fi solution to enhance their customer engagement. All what is needed is a seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with which service providers can offer innovative business offerings to retailers which in turn help them to monetize. Service providers can offer secured and seamless connectivity, a customized mobile app for a specific mall which has all the relevant information including advertisements of the brands, latest offers, promotions, deals, location of the nearby hotspots and a floor wise map. Service providers can help retailers to provide an interactive in-store experience by offering influential and effective contexts to shoppers at their fingertips. It can detect customers through email or social login, and attract them by delivering relevant and personalized marketing messages anytime-anywhere, easy payment options, offer customized location specific push notifications to the user when in proximity of a chosen brand or store. It can also provide an intelligent analytic tool to build more granular marketing campaigns based on user pattern and shopping behaviour. Service providers can help overcome the challenge of identifying the right audience and reaching out to them at the right time. Wi-Fi can help both retailers and consumers with improved conversion, better data collection, personalization opportunities, increase customer loyalty and a richer multi-channel experience. Wi-Fi Solution plays an important role to influence customers’ shopping patterns and therefore drive more revenues for retailers. One of the established solution Elitecore technologies offer is an innovative platform for managing and monetizing Wi-Fi services across segments and help with a solution to deliver the best of any customers’ in-store experience. To know more Click here

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