Challenges in deploying fiber in city

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Fiber deployment in cities

Excerpt from a talk between Mr I Gede Darmayusa, CTO, XL Axiata Indonesia and Jitendra Balakrishnan, CTO, Connectivity Solutions at STL. They discuss the challenges faced in deployment of fiber in big cities. Problems with government agencies and solutions to them.

Jitendra: One of the challenges that we have, for example, and deploying optical fiber in India are things like the right of way our issues of how fibers are regulated or not regulated like a utility? And what the challenges are in actually densifying networks because we face something along those lines are just like like I would like to learn a little bit about, about what the equivalent the situation is in, Indonesia when you’re deploying fiber when you’re getting away from the access networks are more towards FTTx, so on and so forth what are the challenges that you typically face over there or what are some of the things?

Gede Darmayusa: India and Indonesia have almost the same Geographical area. Talking about the city If you see Jakarta straight now is getting better because government start to get rid of fiber to make it look more tidy or nice, but at the same time, we have challenges because which they have to connect. A few sites of some site in Jakarta fit fiber which now the permit is not being granted.

In one of the second biggest cities like Surabaya for instance we don’t have any permit now to lay new fiber because the sea fiber is really making the city look bad. We don’t even talk about putting this as utility, but they know perceive fiber really makes a mess in the city, this is something that’s a challenge in the big city Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, where this fiber is also needed most because of the capacity because later all 5G in the city. If it’s coming is it’s the city.

But at the same time, we are challenged online. A fiber preparation of 5G in between. We need to find a solution to get a with the government because the government is regulatory that, there can say yes or no sometimes cannot be negotiated. So we need to really sell the idea that fiber is for the people and for the community and for the city. So, therefore, the government needs to facilitate not taking a tip of any fiber there we put so that’s the challenge and outside the area outside the city even it also has a special challenge Why? Because in the government body, if we want to apply permitted know almost like 11 permit need to get 11 permits for one span of fiber. So all the government needs to put signature on all every two months we get the increase in data but to build fiber in average is like one year that’s the challenge. Like permit is very important. That’s still a challenge now would existing fiber for existing fiber, even though we have permit sometime from government and we want to extend the road they want to build at the utility power, water just can dig and cut our fiber without any information. So this challenge, because is not regulated even we have a permit. Is very challenging. So there is need to be changed. It to be in our communication with government through our association is will keep raising this concern.

And hopefully, at the end of the day, I think with this pandemic we should take some positive impact. That government of people now start realizing that how important is the Internet for important is the reliability of the network so we can push this back. We can push this back so regulatory of government start seeing this as a pain point for the operator to provide a network to the people.

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