Breaking the Barriers of Wi-Fi Monetization for MNOs

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As a mobile network operator (MNO), your company supplies essential Wi-Fi service to business owners. But are you profiting as much as you can off of the network access that you are supplying? Here are three ways that you can better monetize the services that you offer: Network location awareness (NLA): NLA services collect user device configuration and location information and notify applications when changes occur. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is a common example of an NLA. This information is valuable to other companies as it provides critical feedback as to where—and how—end users are using their applications. Equipped with that knowledge, you’re able to effectively target them with specific advertisements. For example, NLA data might show that every time a customer is at a certain coffee shop, she immediately searches a music app. If that’s the case, operators can sell targeted advertisements. Advertising on the capital portal network: A capital portal network is commonly used for large public Wi-Fi settings where large amounts of people connect to a network at once. This is prime advertising space for companies that want to provide location-based, real-time advertising services for end users. Intelligent offloading: A business owner needs to supply fast and efficient Wi-Fi connectivity to end users. But this is impossible if the mobile network they use is congested due to a heavy amount of end users. Intelligent offloading services can help alleviate clogged networks, which can reduce connection costs. Interested in learning more about how Elitecore can help you monetize the Wi-Fi services that you provide? Click here for more information.

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