Billing Challenges In Wimax

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WiMax certainly is futuristic technology, that will make high speed high speed internet access a reality. It will enable an environment where, we will see wide adoption of service like VoIP and customers will have the flexibility of choosing services like video conferencing or mobile television. But the technology will bring with it unique set of billing challenges to be tackled by the service providers. At the moment, all the Wi-Fi enabled fixed-mobile convergences are happening on one carrier. Larger scale deployments and more players from different platforms can make the scenario much more complex for both consumer billing and service providers’ settlements. Broadband and mobile service providers will have to enter agreements to handle settlements related to roaming. So the billing systems have to be highly flexible. Seamless convergence of services will raise issues related to consumer charging patterns and settlements among content and application providers and mobile operators. *Elitecore Technologies Ltd. is a Information Technology Products and Software Solutions company with experience in deploying WiMax solutions for leading telecom operators. Please visit us at

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