“App’ic Portfolio of CSPs in the time of digital economy

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Growth of Data consumption, smart phones and smart devices have also led the mobile apps ecosystem boost. There is a mobile app for everything every imagination and activity. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) who are the key drivers of digital economy can leverage this opportunity; as studies have shown that users like using mobile apps because of the instant connect they experience with a product or a service. CSPs are finding ways to improve their operational efficiency, to serve increasing and demanding subscribers and multiple services that are results of digital transformation. Mobile apps empowers CSPs to launch an alternate marketing channel for customers, partners and employees, create an opportunity to improve visibility and build brand, provide value-add to customers by improving customer engagement, reduce support cost, increases revenue and customer loyalty. The benefits are enormous and the onus lies on the CSPs on how they make the most of it. Some of the mobile apps that have become mandatory for CSPs in their portfolio are: 1.Customer Mobile Self Care App
  • Enhance customer experience and engage with customers effectively through mobile app and reduce congestion on customer support and drive down call center cost
  • With the app customers are in complete control of their data usage in real time, can set data thresholds, real time activation and deactivation of services anywhere-anytime, send reminders and notifications, on-line payments & top up, special offers subscription, download bill, update account info, create service requests, manage data sharing etc.
2.Value Chain Partner (LCO) App
  • Offer complete control to your partners on how they do business with you
  • Through Partner App they can manage and update their profile, get updated information on customer base, renew plans, send payment reminders, get daily activation-deactivation count, customer on-boarding details, details of sale of services & offers, customer account management, view commission and credit limit, make payments, inventory management, access to detailed reports for revenue reconciliation etc.
3.Field Force App
  • Automate management of field force to improve productivity
  • The app lets the operator manage its resources virtually through the app. Track their location, communicate and collaborate with entire team with real-time status updates, real time reporting, schedule field visits, record visit outcomes and follow-up tasks, maintain employee attendance muster, Time sheet & Task management and more.
4.Inventory Operations App
  • Simplifying day-to-day operations of managing inventory – CPEs, STBs and Vouchers
  • The app helps the operator in following functions: Manage, maintain, track and get regular inventory information through your mobile APP, batch transfer/movement between partners (distributors, resellers, LCOs) and Operators, get low stock alerts, automate stock levels, forecast customer’s demand, return inventory, deposit management, scrap & repair management, end-to-end tracking etc
 5.Work Order Management App
  • It is a comprehensive workflow-based app that allows service providers to effectively manage work orders of different services
  • The app helps the operator to control the entire process, from order creation, modification, tracking, provisioning to closure.
6.Sales Force App
  • CSPs launch multiple new plans and offers for customers and it is imperative for their sales team to stay updated on those plans on the move.
  • Sales force App apart from providing regular product updates also offers quick access to contacts, leads, opportunities, dashboards etc.
7.Everywhere TV App
  • With OTT apps taking the centre stage, CSPs can partner with them to allow their Pay TV customers to access content on-the-go with Everywhere TV app. They can also monetize their offerings with real time location based advertisements to generate additional revenue.
Elitecore, which has been a leading provider of B/OSS solutions to CSPs has taken the onus to provide mobile app critical for sustenance and growth of these businesses. Elitecore in recent times deployed multiple apps for one of its clients. The client is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate in India with multiple lines of business under its umbrella with ‘Pay TV and Broadband’ as one of the BUs. With Elitecore apps, client has been able to substantially improve its customer engagement and service along with improved operational efficiency and better management of field force and work orders. Apps will continue to populate the digital canvas, the ones that not only catches the imagination of the CSPs and customers alike are here to survive, stay and evolve with times and expectations.

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