An ‘App’ic story: Mobile Apps rejuvenating the Wi-Fi ecosystem

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      In today’s scenario, telecom operators are looking forward to extending their reach, while adding value towards their customers in order to revitalize their growth strategy. And Wi-Fi is becoming quite central to achieve this goal. Wi-Fi is fast becoming ubiquitous. People constantly scan for Wi-Fi hotspots and are looking for free Wi-Fi wherever possible. It is already finding its special place into mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops; entertainment platforms like gaming consoles, smart televisions and streaming video appliances. It is now present even in home automation devices such as surveillance cameras and home control systems. With Wi-Fi device ecosystem getting stronger – day by day, how advantageous it would be for users – if they don’t have to search for Wi-Fi and are notified about Wi-Fi availability in their vicinity?… If the user is given enhanced QoS for the applications he/she wants to access? Display Ads on devices from the retailers nearby and deals to avail certain services instead of spamming notifications. You must be wondering, what’s new in this? True; but it can be an added advantage if made available through a Mobile App. The apps have proved their usefulness beyond doubt and keeping this in mind there are a number of operators such as Starhub in Singapore, Telefonica in Spain or Telstra in Australia that are already putting a lot of emphasis on enabling Wi-Fi connectivity and controls with the help of Mobile App. When it comes to Wi-Fi services, it is widely available today ––inside the home environments, hotel ecosystems, public places such as stadiums, airports etc. And hence, with the help of Mobile App – operators are in an ideal position to deliver unique ease of accessibility, its usability by delivering Wi-Fi Services over Mobile App. Mobile App enabling intelligence for Wi-Fi based services As more and more forward-looking communication service providers are increasingly tapping into the massive Wi-Fi ecosystem, launching Wi-Fi services to drive off competitive threats and rekindle business growth – innovative initiatives such as delivering Wi-Fi manageability and innovative services over Mobile App – can rejuvenate their relationship with their customers in a new direction. There are a lot of applications which can be easily monitored and managed with the help of Wi-Fi today. But mobile operators require smart apps having intelligence to address:
  • The growing demands of smart connectivity and offload
  • Offer location based services
  • Auto Wi-Fi detection and on-boarding
  • Inter- networking for seamless Vo-Wi-Fi
  • Real time notifications
  • Changing economies of Mobile Advertisements, target based ads
  • profile specific contextual communication
  • Signal strength, bandwidth test, hotspot finder, battery meter etc.
Features for more managed and controlled functionalities with the help of Mobile App over Wi-Fi. Additionally, moving forward as we are likely to see extensive deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots and public Wi-Fi – this Wi-Fi driven mode of connectivity will become an increasingly viable alternative to cellular, infrastructure in many indoor and outdoor settings on global scale. And in such scenario, customers will look for ease of use and manageability which can be delivered with the help of an App that can seamlessly manage different Wi-Fi capabilities for the operator. Driving unique synergies between Wi-Fi delivery and App controls – Elitecore Elite Connect Mobile App an Elitecore SMP offering can enable operators to explore next generation-ready opportunities in Wi-Fi and increase their chance of finding growth in untapped areas. This app can also help in delivery of next generation capabilities making Elitecore App an ideal platform for operators to deliver unique customer experience and enhanced monetization opportunities. Meet us at Wi-Fi Global Congress and learn more about Elitecore Wi-Fi Solutions Book a meeting

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