5G in India: Realistic Goal or Pipe Dream?

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Sterlite Tech’s CEO for Products Business, Ankit Agarwal spoke to Total Telecom about India’s quest to bring 5G to the masses, revealing: · To go from 4G to 5G, between two-and-a-half and three times as much fibre will be required. · Both the private sector and the Indian Government must ramp up the deployment of fibre – in any given year, India deploys only 1/12th or 1/15th the amount of optical fibre that China deploys for roughly the same population. · A large proportion of rural India still has no access to mobile services and 5G will become key in bridging this rural/urban divide and transforming these communities.   To read the full article, please see: https://www.totaltele.com/500828/A-million-Km-of-fibre-Indias-quest-to-bring-5G-to-the-masses

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