Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF)

Increase network resilience and reliability
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Wi-Fi and cellular interoperability is the biggest challenge for network operators. Smooth and seamless roaming from non-3GPP to 3GPP cellular network is available, but operators are looking for effective ways to combine available standards to make a reliable wireless network. The biggest challenge is finding a way to assist the mobile node to intelligently determine and select the most preferable Point of Service, anytime, anywhere so that users can get best access network for different individual data service. It is important for network operators to be able to direct traffic among access networks intelligently to prevent congestion and optimize wireless resource. Increasing network resilience and reliability is key to success.

We provides supports and enables operators with the new standards like Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) enables operator managed offload and traffic steering by supporting devices to intelligently discover access networks like Wi-Fi in nearby locality and dynamically select the preferred network and levy defined policies on device, preferences etc. enhancing smooth Wi-Fi and cellular interworking.


ANDSF Server

  • 3GPP Complaint HTTPS baed S14 interface support - Network selection rules support for interworking between 3GPP EPC core and Non 3GPP networks (ANDSF client – server communication)
  • Inter System Mobility Policy (ISMP) - Network selection rules on one access network selection for all the traffic
  • Inter-System Routing Policy (ISRP) – Policy for traffic distribution and routing across different access networks
  • Push/Pull Mode Support – Policy application and creation, location push/fetch based on mode
  • Policy generation and enforcement - Remote policy control for ANDSF to enforce policies from server to client
  • Compliant to various standards and interfaces - 3GPP Release 11.3, ISRP, ISMP, MO

ANDSF Client

  • ANDSF Security - Flexible authentication and OMA DM 1.2 security with support for MD5, HMAC etc.
  • Intelligent offload - offloading user with ANDSF client onto Wi-Fi based on signal strength and RSSI values
  • ANDSF Pull Mode - Auto and manual Support for client to request for list of access networks, to get policies and location updates from server. Time based and client location based Retrieval of updates from server
  • Supports Multiple Devices - Android, iOS, etc.
  • Energy Efficient - Auto and manual support to switch off the client when battery level reaches below the defined threshold

Seamless Connectivity

  • Supports intelligent offload between 3G/4G to WI-FI and vice – versa
  • Enables operators to support location based, time, UE profile, Battery, Signal strength based intelligent offload
  • Offload based on choose network access at given point in time/day
  • Intelligent enough to dynamically select optimal access points or select between the cellular or Wi-Fi network as the user moves to different location

Improvised performance

  • Enable smart device to discover non 3GPP access networks (Wi-Fi & WIMAX) to enforce the user policies
  • Saves battery life
  • Help define roaming policy at operator / network level in co-ordination with HS 2.0

Enhance Customer Experience

  • User centric policy implementation
  • Proper bandwidth utilization