Access Controller (AC)

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Access control systems have always been an important part of security but in today’s world, Interconnectivity is the buzz word. Interconnectivity of advanced systems can improve system accuracy, responsiveness and automation. Integrated systems produce a more effective access control system improving security, evaluation and performance. Today, users want to share data across multiple systems and automate functions that are labor-intensive thus saving on costs. End users are also looking at reducing recurring operations expenses by implementing cloud technologies.

Advanced solutions are continually evolving, offering greater functionality and flexibility. How can you address access control problems and budgetary restrictions?

Access Controller (AC), offered as a standalone as well as an integral part of comprehensive Service Management Platform (SMP) is an industry compliant robust solution scaling up to thousands of concurrent sessions and available in multiple models to cater to differential requirements of customers. Access controller is highly demanded in public access venues like hotels, hotspots, malls, enterprises, educational institutes and airports.


AAA Support

  • RADIUS Proxy Support
  • Supports 802.1x (MD-5, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM, etc.)
  • Seamless Roaming Support via SMP
  • Facilitates Payment and SMS Gateway Support
  • Facilitates Credit Card Payments and OTP Services
  • Facilitates Re-Authentication
  • Facilitates international roaming via iPass/Boingo
  • Integrated with Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Supports Multi-AAA Inter-working
  • Supports Fair Usage Policy and CoA
  • Supports MAC/Cookie Based Re-login
  • Supports Zero Configuration and Login Once

Policy Enforcement

  • Default Policy and Radius Policy Override
  • QoS Based on Time of Day
  • Different QoS Based on DSCP
  • Pool Based QoS Restriction
  • Global/Account Based QoS Sharing
  • QoS (Fair Usage Policy) Based on Quota Usage

IP Pool Management

  • Radius Policy Based Source NATTING Support
  • One to One Private Public NATTING Support
  • Many to One Public NATTING Support

Quota Management

  • Radius Policy Based Volume and/or Session Time Management
  • Reauthorization Support


  • Smart-client Support
  • 802.1x Proxy Support
  • Supports WISPr and Hotspot 2.0
  • External Captive Portal
  • CoA Support for QoS Authorization
  • CoA Support for Login/Logout Actions
  • HTTP Based Login/Logout Support
  • Security Management
  • Network Security
  • Firewall
  • DoS and DDoS Protection
  • Blacklists & Whitelists
  • Session Rate Limit
  • VPN Pass through

Legal Intercept
Websurfing Reports

  • Firewall
  • DoS and DDoS Protection
  • Blacklists & Whitelists
  • Session Rate Limit
  • VPN Pass through

High Availability

  • Offers High Availability Active-Passive Mode
  • Supports Auto-Synchronization
  • Detect Failure and Redirect Traffic to Secondary Server
  • Avoids Data Loss and Downtime
  • Highly Flexible and Configurable system
  • Single screen for defining Authentication and Accounting
  • Configurable Service Flow
  • Advanced Translation Mapping
  • Dashboard view of system performance
  • Easy to use drag drop UI policy
  • Smart Over load Protection with Priority Queue
  • Simultaneous support for RADIUS and Diameter